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How soon before my wedding should I schedule my flowers to arrive?
We recommend that you should choose a delivery date for your flowers that is at least 2 days or more prior to your wedding. Please refer to the shipping information on each flower product page for the specific schedule for your chosen wedding flowers.

Will my wedding flowers really withstand their journey? I want them to look perfect on my big day!
All flowers shipped by LolaBlooms have been tried and tested as wedding flowers and then tried and tested again. We choose to ship only the flower varieties that are strong enough to hold up perfectly during their trip to you. And we know exactly how to prep and package flowers to cushion them from any bumps in the road so that they will look fresh and crisp on your wedding day (and usually long after!).

Can I place a sample order first?
Because we ship field-direct flowers, in most cases we are unable to send out samples of specific flowers. The quantities that are designated on the website for each flower variety are important for shipping purposes. Our flowers are carefully packed at by the growers and are packed "snug" in their perfectly sized box so that they don't move. If you are interested in seeing a particular flower before you place a larger final order, we do encourage you to order the smallest box so that you can 'test' the flowers out yourself.

Do your ship to Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii or Canada?
Please contact us to place your order for the above locations.

I live in California. Can I come and pick up my flowers?
While that may sound like a convenient option, unfortunately we do not store any flowers in our office. All flowers are shipped directly from the growers farms to your doorstep so that they arrive as fresh as possible.

Do you have a catalog?
Our wedding flower assortment is constantly being updated according to availability, seasons, new flower varieties we do not provide a printed catalog. You can view all the flowers that we carry on our site (and also save paper and resources in the process!).

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