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Fresh single stephanotis flowers add a beautiful and fragrant touch to wedding flowers. Each small, scented, star-shaped bloom boasts a pale offwhite to creamy white characteristic form. Stephanotis flowers have no stem and look spectacular when displayed as floating flowers, in low bowl or urn filled with water. Add several stephanotis blooms to wedding bouquets to impart scent and beauty or use single flowers in a cluster for dramatic corsages and boutonnieres.


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100 Fresh stephanotis flowers $129

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When you receive your fresh stephanotis flower shipment, open the box immediately and inspect your flowers carefully. Prepare a large bowl of cool, fresh water from the faucet and submerge your stephanotis flowers in the water for 20 minutes to 1 hour. In the meantime, take a damp paper towel and lay it in the box that the stephanotis flowers arrived in. Remove the flowers from the water, place on the paper towel in the original box, and recover the box with a well-fitting lid or clingwrap. Store the box of stephanotis in the refrigerator free of fruits and vegetables, at around 40 degrees (take care that they don’t freeze on the shelf!). Each day, spray or mist the flowers with water and recover.

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