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Pink peony flowers pair timeless beauty with a little bit of romantic whimsy. Their fluttery pink petals breathe magic into your wedding flower arrangements and lend a fresh from the garden feel to your bridal bouquets. A full handful of fresh pink peonies as a wedding bouquet is beyond chic, while the color and femininity of the bloom still retains its timeless elegance. Or add a few pink peony flowers amongst other larger arrangement pieces to show that every bloom matters. Peony flowers are a great mix of being traditionally romantic and also extremely fun at the same time. The shade of pink peonies may vary. Color can range from pale pink to coral pink or a deep pinkish red. Image is for example only. Please note: Peony flower pricing is extremely seasonal, so our peonies are subject to market pricing. If market price does not reflect pricing shown on this page, we will notify you in advance of shipping.


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How to care for your fresh peony flowers: Upon arrival, open the box and check on your flowers. It is normal for peonies to appear sleepy or thirsty upon arrival. Peonies are shipped in partial bud form and flowers will be still somewhat closed on arrival and they need 24hrs to re-hydrate after their journey. Take the flowers out of the box and remove all packaging. Hold the ends of the stems under running water and trim stems diagonally approx 1 inch from the end. Place your peonies in a clean vase with fresh water from the faucet. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts, and excessive heat. Re-cut stems and refresh water every 1-2 days to help your ranunculus flowers live long and beautifully.  

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