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In her heyday, my grandmother Leonora was quite the society girl. An English transplant living in California, she introduced the West Coast set to garden tea parties and afternoon sherry. Arranged with an instinctive sense of etiquette, her gatherings were impeccably catered and festooned in a manner that was said to give even the House of Windsor a run for its money.

But by the time she was a grandmamma, Leonora, or Lola as she liked us to call her, had long had her fill of receiving ‘accepts with pleasure’ and ‘declines with regret’ notices in the mail. While she still lovingly maintained her garden, her tea parties were now given exclusively in honor of myself, my sisters, and occasionally a doll or two. In the gazebo among her wild roses and lilacs, we learned the proper arrangement of place settings and how to create centerpieces that rivaled those in Queen Elizabeth’s wedding.

When I started one of my first positions with a floral wholesaler, I already knew that there was a difference between your run of the mill flowers picked up

at your local grocery store and the hand-picked bouquets from my Grandmother’s garden. What I didn’t know, is how hard it is, even for floral wholesalers, to secure quality blooms at a reasonable price.

When I was given the task of procuring the flowers for my sister’s lavish wedding, I realized that even after 8 years in the floral trade, there were few sources that I would trust to deliver her magnificent wedding flowers without a hitch. The market was flooded with mass-produced, low-quality product; unexciting and puny roses, greenhouse-grown insipid tulips, calla lilies past their prime… Sure there were a few talented wedding florists who produced gorgeous arrangements, but at such a price! Where were the fragrant, lush blossoms that used to adorn my grandmother’s table?

Over the years, I developed a list of loyal growers that I trusted to supply wedding flowers to my friends and family. Flowers that would arrive at the right time, in the right color, fresh and carefully packed for their journey. Flowers that would make the big day as beautiful as it should be.

All our flowers at Lola Blooms are tried and tested as wedding flowers. In our collection, we offer only flower varieties that are perfectly suited to work as do-it-yourself wedding flowers. We have selected flowers that ship well, flowers that are simple to care for without a florist’s help, flowers that will look their best in your bridal bouquet.

Most of our flowers come from small-scale growers and family farms that grow and harvest their flowers with pride and care. Our flower varieties are grown in the regions where they are best suited – tulips from Holland, hydrangeas from the Oregon Coast, Lilies from the fertile mountains of Ecuador.

And we try where possible to supply organic flowers and work with our growers to ensure that they use as many organic practices as possible in their flower production. Because let’s face it – the world is everyone’s garden and we aim to send beautiful wedding flowers that would make even Grandmother Lola proud!


CEO & Founder, Lola Blooms


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