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Hypericum berries are a favorite addition to bouquets, with their small shiny berries imparting a fresh, organic feel of freshly plucked blooms. We ship only the freshest, healthiest hypericum berries of the highest quality and perfect for use with wedding flower arrangements.  We especially love the look of a sprig of 3-5 berries tucked into the base of a boutonniere or corsage. Each stem of hypericum berries holds approximately 12 to 14 pea-sized berries that are arranged in clusters and surrounded by green leaves.


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How to Care for your Hypericum Berries: Upon receiving your box of hypericum berries, inspect the entire shipment, taking them out of the box and removing all packaging. Place your hypericums immediately in clean vases or containers with lots of fresh water. Always keep hypericum berries in an air-conditioned location away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

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