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Why diy wedding flowers? Simply put, because you can get the freshest, best-looking wedding flowers from Lola Blooms at a fraction of the cost.

Why are we talking Economics?
Because we want to remind you which force leads to higher prices. No, not demand, the middleman of course! The more people who handle the product before it reaches you, the more it costs. Typically, flowers get shipped from the grower to an importer, re-shipped to a wholesaler and re-shipped again to a floral outlet like a florist before they end up at you. That amounts to a minimum of 3 journeys and quite a number of days of storage that really cut down on the vase life. All that traveling and all the middlemen rack up the cost while lowering quality and freshness. At Lola Blooms, we ship flowers from the farm directly to your door. That's why they arrive fresher while costing less. Pretty simple huh!

Really, you CAN diy.
DIY wedding flowers can be as simple or as complicated as you would like to make it. You can deligate a bridesmaid the task of throw a handfuls of mini calla lilies into vases just before the ceremony. Or you can dedicate an

evening before your wedding to wrapping crystal beaded wire around each and every orchid (with the help of all members of your wedding party of course!).

It's all about control
Just kidding, we know you're not looking forward to that first bridezilla moment, but wedding flowers do play a huge role in setting the tone and scheme for the day. Arrange them yourself and you'll know days beforehand not only that the flowers have shown up, but that your bridal bouquet is as full as you had imagined.

Maybe it'll be fun?
Gather the girls, the great-aunts, even the fiance's out-of-town guests and plan a diy wedding flower party a couple nights before the event. There's a task for every level of confidence (believe us, everyone is equally talented at trimming stems) and who knew that Uncle Ed could make such a great pomander. But on a more thoughtful note, there's just something about busying the hands over fragrant blossoms that induces good conversation. Use the 'please help me diy the wedding flowers' excuse as a chance to indulge in one of your last 'girls night in' as the non-married one of the bunch.

Keep the change.
Do we really have to point out how expensive professional floral design can get? Without needing a florist's services, wholesale flowers are the way to go - flowers perfect item to go the budget route without losing quality. At Lola Blooms, get the wedding flowers that you want at the wholesale price you want to pay.

But arranging wedding flowers. Can I REALLY do it?
In our humble opinion, flowers look their best in their most natural state. We are crazy about hand-tied bouquets and loose vase arrangements. That multi-flowered, five-tiered, towering centerpiece arch may be just beyond your floral capabilities, but we're willing to bet that its a floral design relic from the late 1980s in any case. Modern, stylish wedding flower design has become much more natural and organic - looks that are easier to create for any non-floral professional.

Continue browsing through our Wedding Flower Guide for diy flower instructions and check out our wedding gallery for ideas on bouquets, arrangements or flower pairings.

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