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Bulk Wedding Flowers Tips: The 7 golden rules

Bulk Wedding Flowers Rule #1:
Marry again, and again and again. Or make sure your bulk wedding flower supplier does. Not all flower wholesalers are created equal. Stick with a wholesaler with lots of experience in supplying weddings. While there are acceptable leyways in delivering flowers to a florist or retail outlet,
with wedding flowers, we know that everything has to be perfect, first time.

Bulk Wedding Flowers Rule #2:
Not all wholesale wedding flowers are created equal. We have selected an arrangement of flower varieties that that are tried and tested to work perfectly as wedding flowers. The varieties in our assortment handle transportation well, aren't prone to shortages, are easy to care for, have long vase lives and will look the best at your wedding.

Bulk Wedding Flowers Rule #3:
Choose your bulk wedding flower delivery date wisely. As we have control over t
he flowers from the moment they are cut from the field, we know exactly how

to schedule your delivery so that your flowers look their best on the day of your wedding. Refer to the delivery recommendations on each flower product page before placing your order.

Bulk Wedding Flowers Rule #4:
Order enough. We can't tell you how many times we have heard brides say they love their flowers so much they wish they had ordered more. Also, keep a few blooms set aside for emergencies such as when the flowergirl accidentally sits on her basket.

Bulk Wedding Flowers Rule #5:
Be prepared. Gather all your supplies before you even receive your wholesale flower delivery. Having everything you need right on hand is really half the battle. Here's the essentials: large buckets, very sharp knife, water and flower food.

Bulk Wedding Flowers Rule #6:
Become one with nature. We're not suggesting you take that wilderness adventure you've been putting off, but it does help if you keep in mind that flowers are a product of the environment and not pulled off a shelf at the back of a factory. In other words, flower characteristics, especially color, are more variable due to growing conditions, seasonal changes, weather etc.. Flower colors are usually multi-layered blends of many hues that combine to make
the overall color of the bloom. Colors can change from minute to minute depending on how well hydrated the flower is or in which type of lighting it is viewed. Because of this, we warn you against trying to exactly match your wedding flower color to the color of your bridesmaid dresses or other fixed color palate of your wedding. If you want to have light pink mini calla lilies in your wedding, expect to order light pink mini calla lilies, but don't have your heart set on a shade between bubblegum pink and baby pink. Give nature some slack.

Bulk Wedding Flowers Rule #7:
Don't be afraid if you need to admit that flowers are just not your thing. Its still ok. We understand if you don't want to go the diy wedding flower route, but that doesn't mean that you have to miss out on having farm-fresh wholesale flowers in your wedding. We are happy to ship your bulk flowers to your florist for arranging. Most florists are able to receive bulk flower shipments and charge a much reduced fee for creating the arrangements for you.

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