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5 Things Nobody ever told you about wedding flowers: Part Five

Part 5. It doesn’t really require professional help to hand tie a bouquet.

Even though you may forever come across those omnipresent lists of all the different types of wedding bouquets (cascade, pomander, crescent etc…) in reality, most styles are now pieces of bridal history. The hand-tied bouquet has basically taken over as the wedding bouquet of this century. Much to the professional florist’s chagrin, the hand-tied bouquet is basically as simple as it looks to put together. If you’re not convinced, try it yourself with some flowers from your garden and a length of pretty ribbon. You’ll be surprised at how close to perfect you can get in on your first try. For hints, shortcuts and encouragement on hand tying bouquets and making other simple flower arrangements check out our wedding flower tutorials.

5 Things Nobody ever told you about wedding flowers: Part Four

Part Four: Don’t even think of trying to match the color of your flowers to the shade of your bridesmaid’s lipstick!

There is a well-justified tendency to want to match colors in a wedding. This works great with fabric. Dresses, sashes, vests etc… can be understandably coordinated. Flowers work differently however. It’s something to do with how the light hits the petals of a flower. They never look the same color when viewed in different lights, in different times of the day, and most change color to some degree anyway as their blooms open and mature. Flower colors blend and balance other hues with a spectacular beauty. You don’t have to worry about your Red Freedom Roses matching that test-swatch of crimson dress fabric. It’s our experience that if you like the color of the flowers to start with, you’ll like how they look against the dresses. And please stay away from trying to dye your own flowers. We’ve seen some instances where there has been some success, but we receive many more calls from panicky brides needing to order last-minute flowers from us because of a spray-paint job that went awry.

5 Things Nobody ever told you about wedding flowers: Part Three

Part Three: You can never have too many wedding flowers
If we could only count how many times we’ve heard brides say that they wished they had ordered more flowers. While you can get away with ordering exactly the same number of favors as expected guests, you do sometimes end up needing more flowers than you originally thought. Flower girls do accidentally sit on their posies, a boutonniere can be easily broken by the clumsy groomsman. Name it, we’ve heard of it. Give yourself a little breathing room when ordering your wedding flowers. And if you end up with flowers over, no-one’s going to mind that extra vase on the cake table.

It’s official, spring is upon us!

The first days of Spring are here and it’s sunny, beautiful, and cool now in Southern California; just the right conditions for the spring flowers to burst into bloom in the fields.  Expect to see plenty of Lilies, Tulips, Sunflowers and more!

Scented Gardenias are in!

Look for our gardenia flower boxes soon available for online ordering. They come 3 beautiful flowers per box and their perfume is just intoxicating. Gorgeous flowers to float in a low, large glass bowl or to use for corsages or bouts.

Gorgeous Purple Mini Calla Lilies

Our purple calla lilies were sooo beautiful! We used them in my bridal
bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets, and on all of our guest tables
during the reception. The quality of the flowers was incredible. They
were very easy to assemble into gorgeous arrangements. I highly
recommend ordering your wedding calla lilies from here. You will save
a ton of money without sacrificing quality. We got many glowing
comments from our guests about the flowers. Thank you!

Elizabeth from MA

View our Purple Mini Callas

5 Things nobody ever told you about wedding flowers: Part Two

Part Two: Nature rules.
Thanks to the miracles of the world wide web, it is probably possible to find a company that will promise to supply you with lilacs in the middle of July (although whether you will actually receive your flower order is another story!). Flowers are seasonal for a reason. Even though lilacs may indeed grow in certain parts of Australia in July, they won’t hold up for your middle of the day outdoor summer wedding in Nevada. Our advice to brides is to keep nature in mind when choosing their wedding flowers. We’ve also tailored a collection of flowers that are tried and tested to work the best as wedding flowers no matter what the weather or climate. (You won’t find us offering daffodils in the fall for example!) Our wedding flowers are selected to look their best on the day that you need them and to hold up for the ceremony, the reception and long after in the houses of guests who beg to take them home afterwards.
To be continued…

5 Things nobody ever told you about wedding flowers! Part One

Part One: Not all flowers are created equal:
Flowers are graded when they are harvested from the fields. Some receive can be classified as ‘Gold quality’ or ‘Triple A’ ratings. Others are awarded less than stellar rankings. It’s the largely reason why you still remember that gorgeous bouquet that you received that one year, but why the roses you quickly picked up from the market the other day left you feeling a little blah. In weddings, every bloom counts, so you want to be sure that you get those ‘Triple A’, wedding worthy flowers. Look for a flower supplier that specializes in wedding flowers (it may surprise you to find out that not all online flower wholesalers or brick and mortar florists do!)
To be continued…

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Read our FAQ's, browse our testimonials,
or email us at info@lolablooms.com
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