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The Color Yellow

The color yellow has both good and bad connotations, but when it comes to using yellow for a wedding, it is meant to denote joy, optimism and hope. Yellow, like most colors, comes in a wide variety of shades and hues and can be teamed with both complimentary and contrasting colors to make for a stunning wedding.

When using yellow, keep the season in mind-especially if you live in a climate which experiences the different seasons. For instance, use deep, golden tones in the fall rather than the pastel or brighter shades that we usually see during the spring and summer months.

When it comes to decorating with yellow, you have a large selection of flowers to choose from:

Daisies, with their bright yellow centers are quite common, but with good reason. They are quite durable in spite of their delicate look, and can be used with just about any other color. The perfect centerpiece for a casual or country-style wedding is a mason jar filled with fresh-cut daisies.

Yellow roses represent joy, friendship and a new beginning. Perfect for starting a life with your best friend, right? A bridal bouquet of fresh yellow long-stem roses will be both fragrant and beautiful.

Yellow tulips are available year-round. They work well alone or with ferns, tea-roses and lilacs (just to name a few). And their stems are sturdy enough to use in bouquets.

Carnations can be dyed yellow and are a relatively inexpensive way to achieve a quantity of blooms if that’s what you’re after. Their sweet/spicy smell is an added bonus, too.

Sunflowers, black-eyed Susie’s are sturdy and plentiful throughout the summer months. They are, however, usually best in a less formal setting.

Yellow works well with any of the following colors (depending on the shade): pink, white, green, black, lavender, gray, brown or even red.

Flower Frogs 101

Flower frogs are those funny looking things you setting just inside a vase or floral arrangements to hold cut flowers in place. The objective for using flower frogs is to make arranging your cut flowers easier and professional looking even if you’re not…professional, that is. The holes in the frogs keep cut flowers from moving around.

Flower frogs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be made of glass, wire, ceramic and even plastic. They’re relatively inexpensive, and can be used to make your wedding’s floral arrangements eye-catching without much work. You can find them at craft stores, flea markets and probably even your grandma’s attic.

You’ll most likely want to use a flower frog for the bridal and/or bridesmaid’s bouquets. You can purchase inexpensive plastic frogs, complete with a handle for carrying the bouquet, at any craft or floral supply store. All that is left to do is snip the stems of your flowers, arrange however you’d like and secure stems by tying together with floral tape and ribbon. Be sure not to skimp, however. Empty spaces are unattractive. If your budget is limited, fill in with ferns, ivy, baby’s breath and other such fillers.

A new, more modern twist to the flower frog is the pomander ball flower frog. These balls of floral foam are wrapped in a plastic mesh which is meant to be used as a frog to place cut flowers that have been snipped close to the bloom close together to form a ‘flower ball’. You’ll need to use flowers that have a stiff enough stem to go into the foam. Carnations, zinnias and roses work extremely well.

The more traditional flower frogs can be used to place your cut flowers in their various containers to be used as centerpieces for the reception as well as larger arrangements to surround the happy couple as they say their vows.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Christmas Wedding!

Choosing to have a Christmas wedding is both practical and savvy. From a practical standpoint, families traditionally gather together during the holidays, anyway, so why not make the wedding a part of the family celebration. As for savvy, decorations galore are available to make your ceremony and reception a true winter wonderland. And finding all of these decorations at a discount is easy; making every father of a Christmas bride a very happy one.

But does a Christmas wedding automatically mean red poinsettias? No. While they are both abundant and beautiful, there are many other floral options when it comes to having a Christmas wedding.

- An all-white wedding is possible using white poinsettias or amaryllis, carnations, roses, paper whites or even tulips. Yes, tulips are traditionally thought of as a spring flower, but many growers force them for winter blooming.  Oh, and don’t forget the mini lights.

- Poinsettias also come in deep burgundy and can be teamed with pine boughs, gold balls, cream colored roses and/or pink poinsettias or amaryllis.

- Green is readily available even though it’s cold outside. Holly, pine or cedar, ferns and even less traditional, the Christmas cactus can make a lovely setting. Accenting any of these with silver, gold, red or deep yellow will make for a stunning décor.

- At the reception, forget the flowers and use fruit. Bowls of apples, oranges, lemons and limes accented with sprigs of pine, pine cones or festive ribbon is both attractive and budget-friendly.

- Pine cones in a variety of sizes are beautiful when paired with pink or red poinsettias, colored balls and festive ribbon. Oh, and the spicy-scented ones bring added warmth to the room.

- Blue is another color abundant during the holiday season. Navy or soft blue, you’ll be able to use it with white carnations, paper whites, tulips, roses and amaryllis. Just be sure to add some sparkle with silver and clear mini lights.

- Red. Don’t discount it just because it’s Christmas. Combining red with white, black, ivory or even deep yellow will allow you to take advantage of all the decorating bargains without making your wedding look like Santa’s workshop.

Non-traditional Ways to Decorate with Flowers

Vases filled with fragrant blooms or single stems; these are the norm when it comes to wedding flora, but oh, there are so many other things you can do when decorating for your wedding reception….

For spring weddings:

1. Potted daffodils or tulips; complete with new grass is a charming way to announce the new season of your life. For an even more colorful twist, nestle a resin bunny or Easter egg (if date-appropriate) in the grass at the base of the flower stem.

2. Flowering dogwood or redbud in tall vases filled with water and clear marbles.

3. Large, fragrant peony or lilac blooms floating in shallow clear-glass bowls or on top of larger ones with a white molly fish or white goldfish swimming beneath.

For summer weddings:

1. Ferns mixed with sunflowers

2. Roses just at their peak, snipped close lying in a bed of fringed leaf lettuce

3. Forget the flowers and decorate with watermelon baskets filled with berries and melon balls. The guests eat the centerpieces, reducing the cost of decorations/food.

4. Baskets filled with ribbon-tied bouquets of wild flowers.

For fall weddings:

1. Potted mums are always in good taste.

2. Fall colored leaves (real or silk) amid gourds and pumpkins.

3. Gold or seasonally-colored candles with roses, dahlias, spider mums or pears (or a combination of any/all) scattered around.

4. Medium-sized pumpkins hollowed out to serve as a vase for mums, cattails and/or bittersweet.

5. White pumpkins speckled with gold.

For winter weddings:

1. Long-stem white roses edged in blue or silver laying randomly amid silver ribbon

2. Pink poinsettias mixed with browns; pine cones seed pods and cinnamon sticks

3. Miniature holly bushes in Christmas plaid-wrapped containers.

4. Miniature Christmas trees complete with mini lights and decorations in the center of each table (color-coordinated to match the wedding)

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