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Craspedia billy balls are also known as drumsticks and make for a whimsical yet modern addition to wedding flower arrangements. Each stem holds one perfectly round red sparkling sphere approximately 1-2 inches in diameter. Even though its perfectly possible to have a striking bouquet of craspedia balls by themselves, they are usually used to add visual interest amongst other wedding flowers in a bouquet or vase. Billy balls are just the right size to make great boutonnieres or corsages.


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100 Red Sparkle Craspedia Billy Balls $159
200 Red Sparkle Craspedia Billy Balls $256

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How to Care for your Billy Balls: Upon receiving your box of red sparkle billy balls, inspect all bunches, take them out of the box and remove all packaging. Place your billy balls immediately in clean vases or containers with lots of fresh water. Always keep greenery and filler flowers in an cool location away from direct sunlight or heat sources.  Please note that these billy balls are sprayed with red sparkle, which can be transferred to objects that come in contact with the flowers.

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